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      體考咨詢 Quality Management Consultation

      翔康技術體系主管為資深企業認證培訓師, 有十多年的行業顧問經驗,熟知lSO9001、lSO13485、 QSR 820及GMP標準的運作,在為企業提供體考咨詢服務的同時,還能根據企業現狀制定精確的推行方案,提高企業體考通過率, 其咨詢工作得到客戶的高度評價 。

      chief of quality management system Dept,a senior Enterprises Certification
      Trainer for over a decade of device experience,is proficient in
      ISO9001,ISO13485,QSR820 and GMP standard.On the foundtation of Providing QMS
      consultation services,she is able to establish precise projects base on
      enterprises’ conditions to improve the passing rate.Consultation services
      gained highly recognized by regular clients.